When consistency of supply, reduced fluctuations and improved system performance matter, talk to us about optimising your air supply.

For any forge, maintaining a consistent air pressure is essential to your grinding and pressing processes and, in particular, to your drop forge hammers. Without a consistent pressure, drop forge hammers become erratic, increasing cycle times and reducing product quality.

If your forging business is struggling with compressed air problems, it’s easy to assume the answer lies in adding more compressors to the system to deliver more power. But that may not be the case. From air storage to system design to leakage, there could be numerous factors that, once resolved, could help you create a better finished product with less resource and at a lower cost.

Ask Algar Air’s compressed air engineers to review your system and they will investigate compressors, pipework, storage and tools. Then, we’ll help you create a more efficient system that delivers more consistent power to your forging tools, cuts waste, and costs you less.

Let us help you create a more efficient forge, by creating a more efficient compressed air system.

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