We were pleased to see that one of our long standing customers, who produces posters to be supplied all over the world, has bought new premises to accommodate their ever expanding business.

Large format printer for posters & prints

We have put together a new compressed air system comprising of 15kw Air Compressor, suitable Refrigerant Dryer complete with Pre & After Filters to cool the air and remove moisture/contamination and an Oil/water Destroyer to deal with the condensate.

All the Compressed Air Equipment is now installed by our first class engineers. Good job boys!


Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter for compressed air

Refrigerant & Desiccant Dryers

Dry air means lower operating costs, better finished products & a longer lasting compressor. Find the right dryer with us.

Range of new air compressors

Which Air Compressor Do I Need?

Air compressors for every purpose. Even after 30+ years, we’re still surprised by the sheer range of jobs our air compressors are asked to perform.