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Oil and water are the enemies of air compressor equipment. There’s little you can do to prevent the creation of oil vapour. Although some compressed air systems are now oil-free, if your system uses oil as a coolant, oil vapour is an inevitable by-product. Yet there are steps you can take to minimise the impact of oil on your finished products.

Why removing oil matters from your compressed air system matters.

If there’s oil or water in your Lincoln compressed air system, then sooner or later it will make its way to the business end of the pipework. Its effect will depend on the tool at the end of the air line and the product you’re making, but oil can contaminate food and pharmaceuticals, coat clean bottles and cans, and damage paint finishes. So here’s how you can remove more oil from your compressed air system, and deliver a better end product:

   • Inline filtration

   Our inline filtration systems scrub your compressed air pipes, keeping the air free from particulates including oil vapour.

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   • Oil/water separators

   Oil removed from your compressed air system needs to be safely separated from other waste, helping you comply with Condensate Drainage Regulations.

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Expert advice

Which filters and separators are right for the compressed air system in your Lincoln business? Algar Air’s specialists have been helping business like yours in Lincoln and across the East of England for more than 30 years. We’d love to help you.

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