From growing crops to fixing cars, production lines to saving lives, when what you do requires air power, talk to the air compressor experts. Here are just some of the industries we support:

When air power is the workhorse of your manufacturing operation, we’ll help make production more efficient.

Precision work needs a clean, reliable power source – which is why our air compressors are ideal for orthotics manufacturing.

From auto manufacturers to the garage round the corner, our air compressors are powering the tools that keep vehicles on the road.

If what you do involves air powered conveyors, sprays or pumps, you’ll need our support and servicing.

A near infinite number of applications, all aided by the fact that air compressor equipment doesn’t interfere with electrical monitoring equipment, making critical operations safer.

From mixing to coating to bottling and packaging, we’ll help make every stage of production more efficient.

Packing, palleting, filling, cooling: we’ll help keep the production line moving.

When sports stadia need to power wave machines and greyhound traps, or when ice skate manufacturers need air power, they talk to us.

Aerate yeast. Purge CO2. Push fluids and transport solids. No wonder compressed air is one of the most important utilities for brewers.

When consistency of supply, reduced fluctuations and improved system performance matter, talk to us about optimising your air supply.

New air compressors can do more than power your belts, gates and pistons. They can help make your pet production processes more efficient.

From powering conveyors to the air knives that separate paper, we’ll help keep you sifting, sorting and recycling.

Air bearing and paper pressing. Printing and roller adjustment. Whatever the scale of your print operation, you’ll need a trusted source of air power.

When Sheffield University were researching insects, they needed our help.

Talk to us about your air compressor equipment requirements. Please call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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