Why does your compressed air need filtering?

Chances are, the air in your workplace isn’t as clean as you might think. It’s not just the dust generated by your processes, the vapours produced by your machinery or powders you use in production that can contaminate the air. We’ve visited plenty of workplaces (typically on the outskirts of towns and cities) where grass and pollen from nearby fields can also be contaminating factors.

All those particulates need to be scrubbed from the air that gets sucked into your Doncaster air compressor, because without their removal they will clog the compressor, restricting air flow and potentially damaging the end product.

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Protecting the compressor

Yet the inline filtration of your Doncaster compressed air system isn’t only about protecting product quality. Dirty air can increase the wear rate of your air compressor, forcing the motor to work harder to push the air around the system.

A motor that needs to work harder than it should wears our quicker, at best increasing the need for regular servicing and adding to energy costs; at worst increasing the risk of costly breakdowns. Inline filtration helps to minimise those risks.

Which filter do I need?

Our Doncaster air compressors can use a variety of filters. Which one is right for your business depends on the contaminants in your working environment. Carbon activated filters, for example, absorb oil vapour, whilst clean air filters help bring the workplace air up to respiratory protection standard BS EN 529:2005 (so everyone can breathe more easily). To find the right filters for your compressed air system, talk to us.

For more information and advice about inline filtration for your Doncaster compressed air system, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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