For a better finish, smoother production and less rework, make sure your compressed air is clean.

There’s more to compressed air than power. For your Chesterfield compressed air system to really deliver, the air it supplies also needs to be clean.

That can be a challenge when your air compressor produces water and oil vapour as a natural by-product of its operation. Water and oil can contaminate food, beverage and pharmaceutical production. They can damage spray finishes. And they can force your air compressor to work harder to deliver optimum airflow, increasing wear and raising the risk of a breakdown.

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Inline filtration ensures the pipes and lines of your compressed air system deliver more clean air by trapping contaminants.

And from oil vapour-absorbent carbon activated filters to BS EN 529:2005 standard clean air filters, Algar Air has more ways to keep air compressors in Chesterfield delivering.

For advice and installation of inline filtration systems in Chesterfield, please call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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