What is it, and why does your Mansfield air compressor need it?

The air being sucked into your air compressor isn’t as clean as you think. It’s not just the dust and vapours generated by your production processes, although they can be a major factor. It’s external sources of contamination too. We’ve worked with plenty of businesses where smoke, dust and fumes from nearby roads, rail lines or other factories cause problems for the air quality within the building. And even when you’re in a rural location, grass and air pollen can easily contaminate airflow.

All those pollutants are problems when you rely on air compressor power, because when your air is contaminated with unwanted particulates, your compressor suffers too.

   •  A clogged compressor needs to work harder to maintain airflow, so energy costs increase
   •  As your Mansfield air compressor works harder, wear increases – and with it, the risk of costly breakdown
   •  Airflow can decrease, making the compressor less effective; and
   •  At its worst, contamination of air feeds can affect the end product, especially if you need the air your compressor delivers to be clean

That’s why your compressor needs inline filtration.

Which filter do I need?

The filters we use on our Mansfield air compressors ‘scrub’ the air being used by the compressor so contaminants don’t get a chance to damage the larger system or your end products.

Choosing the right inline filtration system for you depends on the compressor and the contaminants in your environment. Carbon activated filters, for example, absorb oil vapour, whilst clean air filters help bring the workplace air up to respiratory protection standard BS EN 529:2005 (so everyone can breathe more easily).

At Algar Air, we’ll ensure the filters we fit to your system protect your compressor – and the products and services you deliver.

To find out whether your system needs filters, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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