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Inline Filtration - installing refrigerant dryer & moisture removal

If the lines that feed your tools with compressed air become even partially clogged by dust particles or fine oil vapour, pressure will reduce, performance will be lost, and production will be less efficient.

That doesn’t only add to production time and cost; it can potentially increase maintenance requirements and reduce the working life of your air compressor equipment too.

Algar Air is Sheffield’s inline filtration specialist, consulting on and installing the filters that keep your compressed air contaminant-free. Talk to us about your business and, from oil vapour-absorbent carbon activated filters to BS EN 529:2005 standard clean air filters, we’ll help you ensure your air compressor equipment has the clean, unrestricted airflow it needs.


For advice and installation of inline filtration in Sheffield, please call 0114 243 2347 or contact us.


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Inline Filtration - installing refrigerant dryer & moisture removal

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