When your business relies on your air compressor, rely on us to keep it running smoothly.

Algar Air has been installing air compressors across Doncaster since 1984. But the installation is just the start of a relationship that lasts the life of the compressor. Here’s why.

Expert installation

Even the most apparently ideal air compressor can deliver less than ideal performance without expert installation. We’ll help you find the sweet spot between performance, durability, compliance and staff comfort. That could mean siting the compressor close enough to the air tools to ensure no drop off in air flow, yet discreetly enough to minimise noise. It could mean creating the optimal pipework and drainage system to ensure the air flows freely and the waste drains safely. And it could mean linking compressor, receiver, dyer, separator and more to ensure your Doncaster compressed air system is ready to deliver clean air to every air tool, no matter what the demands on it.

To explore the right compressed air installation for you, talk to our engineers.

> Find out more about air compressor installation and servicing

Flexible, tailored servicing

Regular servicing is an essential part of keeping your Doncaster air compressor operating safely and efficiently. Not every compressor will require the same servicing – that depends on the compressor and the demands placed upon it – but every compressor will need servicing.

We’ll help you agree the right strategy (typically after a defined number of operating hours) so that servicing keeps motor wear to a minimum, keeps feed lines clean, and keeps your compressor operating efficiently. And we’ll do it in a way that sticks to your budget.

Not sure what’s right for your business? Get in touch and we’ll send an engineer (not a sales rep) to help you make the right decision, for free.*

Talk to us about air compressor installation now on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

Preventative air compressor servicing in Doncaster

Downtime costs far more than a regular service. So if production grinding to a halt is your worst nightmare, we’ll put together a service plan to ensure all the air compressor equipment at your Doncaster business stays in prime condition.

Put a single piece of equipment or the entire factory floor on an Algar Air service contract now.

Talk to us about air compressor equipment installation and servicing in Doncaster. Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

* Engineer’s time and support is free – please note that a nominal cost may be incurred for travel out of our area. If we can incorporate your visit into another client visit (and we often can) no charge will be incurred.

> Find out more about air compressor installation and servicing

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