If your business relies on air power, rely on us to keep it running.

For more than 35 years we’ve been supporting the compressed air requirements of businesses across Mansfield. Ask us to help you with yours.

Do you install air compressor systems?

Yes. From small compressors designed to feed a single work bay or power tool, to industrial compressors designed to feed a whole factory floor, whatever your air requirements, we can install them.

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Do I need professional installation of my air compressor?

Not always. If you’re using a small compressor to power an air tool or two, you should have no problem setting the system up yourself.

However, many of the companies we work with have larger compressed air requirements, so in addition to installing the compressor itself, we also install the other elements of the system (air receivers, driers, oil and water separators) etc that enable a compressor to work cleanly and efficiently. We also install the ducting and pipework that enable air to feed multiple tools, and allow condensate to drain away.

For these and similar compressed air system installations in Mansfield, we recommend professional installation to avoid costly errors that can hamper compressor performance, reliability and production rates.

Talk to us about air compressor installation now on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

How often does my Mansfield air compressor need servicing?

The servicing requirements of your compressed air system are typically set at a defined number of operating hours. How many hours depends on the operating environment of the compressor.

When the compressor is in frequent or constant use, or where the environment is dirty or dusty, the servicing requirements are likely to be greater than for a compressor which sees less use and is in a clean environment. Talk to us about the specific needs for your business.

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Does my air compressor really need servicing?

Yes. Regular servicing is essential to keep your Mansfield air compressor operating safely and efficiently. Without a regular service, filters and feed lines will clog, which in turn will increase motor wear and the risk of breakdown.

Downtime costs far more than a regular service. So if production grinding to a halt is your worst nightmare, we’ll put together a service plan to ensure all the air compressor equipment at your Mansfield business stays in prime condition.

Put a single piece of equipment or the entire factory floor on an Algar Air service contract now.*

Talk to us about air compressor equipment installation and servicing in Mansfield. Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

* Engineer’s time and support is free – please note that a nominal cost may be incurred for travel out of our area. If we can incorporate your visit into another client visit (and we often can) no charge will be incurred.

> Find out more about air compressor installation and servicing

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