Compressed air equipment is involved in a number of workplace accidents each year. So are air compressors dangerous?

Engineer with a safety helmet

Cars (and vans, trucks and buses) killed 1780 people in the UK last year. Actually, that’s not true. 1780 people died on people’s roads last year. Many cars were involved. But the car was at fault in only a fraction of them. It’s a similar story with air compressors.

Whether it’s an internal combustion engine or an air compressor, the thing itself is rarely at issue. Where problems arise, it’s invariably a result of one of the following:

  Incorrect installation
  Poor / no training
  Poor / no servicing or maintenance
  Airborne particulates

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Every year or 12,500 miles, whichever arrives sooner, I have to take my car for a service. I know I could leave it, but to do so would increase the risk of more serious (and expensive) issues. It makes the car that bit more efficient, so some of what I spend on the service I recoup in greater efficiency. And I protect my warranty.

Following the right procedures is just as vital with an air compressor. First, it needs correct installation by compressed air experts who can ensure that, from pipework to electricals to tools and connectors, all is as it should be.

Installing the right filters protects product quality and scrubs particulates from the air. Maintenance and servicing protects airflow and pressure, and ensures filters keep performing.
And proper training ensures that correct operating procedures are followed, that issues are spotted, and that users know the limits of their understanding – so they avoid problems caused by tampering and ‘having a go’ at repairing issues.

What we’re saying, in this roundabout way, is that air compressors are not dangerous, but people – or at least, their decisions – can be. So to keep your air compressor safe, get it professionally installed, keep it well maintained, and don’t let anyone use it who isn’t trained.

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