Is it normal for my air compressor to get hot?

If you’ve ever touched the air compressor head or any of its various pipes and tubes after it’s been running for a while, chances are you won’t do it again. Things can get pretty hot before your compressor reaches cut-out. But why is that? And is it normal?

To answer that second question first, yes, it’s completely normal. The reason for that is your air compressor has two major heat generators. The first is the electric motor, the heat from which will be conducted to other parts of the compressor.

The second (and most powerful) source of heat is the act of air compression itself. Squeezing air molecules together creates friction, and a by-product of friction is heat. Friction is the reason rubbing your hands together creates warmth. And it’s the reason matches light when struck against a matchbox.

The act of forcing air together creates a lot of friction and a lot of heat, which is conducted through the air compressor’s metal parts. Providing your air compressor cut out is operating as it should, there should be no issue with the heat generated, as it will dissipate during cut out.

Only if your air compressor isn’t cutting out after its regular duty cycle should you seek help. If that’s the case, or if you’re worried about any other aspect of your air compressor equipment, please call us on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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