Yes, you’ll save money – but is buying used air compressor equipment a wise long-term choice for your business?
Used air compressor equipment

The short answer to that question is yes. There’s no reason why used air compressor equipment shouldn’t be perfectly capable of doing the job you need of it, safely, efficiently and successfully for years to come.

The issue isn’t so much the quality of the equipment, but the quality of the seller. By law, all air compressor equipment used within the workplace should be well maintained and have been examined (and certified as such) by a competent person. The problem comes when you can’t be sure either of those things has happened.

So the first step in buying used air compressor equipment is understanding the provenance of the equipment itself. If you have the evidence of certification and maintenance then, as with the log book of a used car, you should be able to buy with confidence.

One way of ensuring the used air compressor equipment you buy is safe and reliable is to buy it from an engineer like Algar Air. After all, there’s no simpler way of ensuring your equipment passes muster than by buying from people who a) are the “competent people” the law requires to certify such equipment, and b) have the experience and know-how to keep it well maintained.

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Used air compressor equipment

Used Air Compressor Equipment

Buying a used air compressor from Algar Air ensures you get a compressor you can trust, for less. Find out more.