Is Your Compressed Air System in Chesterfield Ready For Winter?

Avoid the cost of a callout this winter – get the compressed air equipment in your Chesterfield business checked out now.

Frosty industrial refrigeration compressor pipes

It’s rare to find a Chesterfield workshop that’s permanently heated. Come winter, overnight temperatures can drop near or below zero, and that can spell trouble for your air compressor.

Freezing temperatures affect compressed air equipment in two ways:

  1.  Oil or coolant becomes more viscous, so it can’t travel round the system as easily as usual. That can lead to additional wear on parts; and
  2.  The water that naturally collects at the lowest parts of the system can freeze, blocking air flow, placing stress on the motor and potentially damaging downstream components as ice breaks loose.

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A breakdown means lost production and repair costs, but you can prevent a winter breakdown of your Chesterfield air compressor by taking these simple steps:

  •  Drain all air receivers, condensate drains and electronic drain valves. If there’s less water in the system, it can’t do as much damage should it freeze
  •  For rotary screw air compressors in Chesterfield, cover them when not in use to help maintain the ambient temperature or install small heaters within them. If you need help in choosing the right heater for your air compressor, just call us
  •  Insulate oil or water separators that are exposed to the elements
  •  Service regularly: regular servicing of the compressed air system in your Chesterfield business can deliver lots of benefits, one of which is that it prevents a build up of water within the lubricating oil (thereby reducing the possibility of freezing)

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If you need more advice in preparing your Chesterfield compressed air system for winter, or you want to arrange a service or additional heating, please call us on 0114 243 2347.


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