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One of the requirements of The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 is that your compressed air system should have a suitable written scheme of examination before it is operated. You also need to ensure that the pressure system is examined in accordance with the written scheme of examination.

You can do that yourself if anyone in your organisation qualifies as a what the legislation calls a “competent person”. But what do you do if you don’t have, for example, a chartered engineer on hand to inspect, produce and bind a written scheme of examination in accordance with the regulations?

Just ask us.


What the written scheme must cover:

•   All “pressure vessels” and all parts of your compressed air system (such as pipework) that could prove dangerous should they fail
•   Any special measures that must be put in place before examination
•   The nature and frequency of examinations
•   Whether the examination was carried out in or out of service


The “competent person” must have:

•   The necessary knowledge and experience to carry out the examination
•   Independence

The person can be from your own inspection team, or from an external body such as Algar Air.

You can find full details of the requirements here: Written Schemes of Examination *pdf


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