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The law relating to compressed air systems is covered by The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and the Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999.

The regulations are designed to improve safety in relation to air compressor systems by reducing the risk of failure. They do that by requiring employers to comply with the following:

   •   Provide safe and suitable equipment: that is suitable for its purpose, made from suitable materials and capable of being operated safely (eg without having to clamber through cables and pipes to get to it).

   •   Know the operating conditions: including the operating limits of the compressed air system, operating instructions, and processing conditions including correct pressures and temperatures.

   •   For suitable, correctly functioning safety devices: and ensure they are set correctly, that warning devices are noticeable, that they are in good working order, and that they cannot be tampered with.

   •   Carry out suitable maintenance

   •   Train users appropriately

   •   Have your compressed air equipment examined by a “competent person”: you can find out more about certification of your compressed air system, and how our chartered engineer can be your “certified person” if you don’t have one, here.

The information above is a heavily summarised version of the regulations. You can find the complete version here: Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 *pdf


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