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The failure of a piece of air compressor equipment can do far more than put a temporary halt to production. It can cause major damage to your premises, and injure or even kill.

For that reason, any business using air compressor equipment is required to comply with legislation designed to ensure that equipment is tested, maintained and certified by a “competent person”.

You can find out more about the legislation, your responsibilities, and how we can help you on these pages:

   Air compressor safety – the legislation
   Compressed air system testing
   Compressed air system compliance and certification

Contact the HSE

To find out more about employer responsibilities for air compressor safety, visit the HSE’s pages or contact them directly:

Tel:  0870 154 5500 or 0292 085 9260

Email: hseinformationservices@nabrit.com

Website: www.hse.gov.uk

HSE Information Services,
Caerphilly Business Park,
CF83 8GG


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Testing & Certification

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