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How do you choose the right air compressor for your business? Talk to Algar Air.

Air compressors

For many Mansfield businesses, the air compressor is the heart of the operation. Without it, drills don’t drill, sprayers don’t spray, CNC cutters don’t cut and…, well, you can imagine the rest.

When the air compressor is so vital to your business, how do you ensure you buy the right one? For more than 35 years, businesses in Mansfield have relied on Algar Air.

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So if you’re looking at buying a new air compressor, here’s what to consider.

Flow & pressure

Maintaining a constant flow of air at the right pressure is what enables your air tools to work efficiently. If you’re running a single tool off a compressor, that’s an easy thing to ensure. You simply buy a tool with a CFM lower than the generating capability of the compressor.

But what happens when you’re running a factory floor of air tools? When the compressor is some distance from the production floor? Or when your existing set up needs to change? That’s when ensuring flow and pressure becomes far more complex. And that’s when our clients get in touch.


Piston or rotary?

Piston compressors are the regular low maintenance, low cost compressor option, but they’re not the only choice.

Rotary compressors typically generate more CFM per kWh. They pass less oil than a piston compressor too, but typically need more frequent servicing and cost more. So which is right for you? Call us and we’ll balance the benefits to find the right air compressor in Mansfield for you.


Oiled or oil free?

Oil is the standard lubricant in air compressors. It enables them to run more reliably and quieter than oil-free options. But, compressors that use oil create oil vapour and in some applications (such as food, beverage or pharmaceutical manufacture) that can cause contamination problems. We’ll help you choose the right compressor for your application.


To find the right Mansfield air compressor for you, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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Air Compressors

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