Multi-site doesn’t have to mean multiple compressed air companies.
Algar Air engineer

This week, we renewed a bi-annual compressed air equipment servicing contract for a client in Doncaster. During the renewal conversation, the company mentioned the air compressor at its second site, in Newark. Would we be able to place the air compressors at each site on the same servicing contract?

The simple answer was yes.

Multi-site servicing contracts enable you to protect all the air compressor equipment across your operation with one contract. It doesn’t matter that the equipment differs across your sites (in this case, one air compressor was an Atlas Copco Screw 50kw; the other a Worthington 30kw). It doesn’t matter that the associated compressed air equipment varies from site to site. It doesn’t even matter if you’d like to agree different servicing schedules for different sites (in this case we’re servicing the compressor at the Newark site annually and Doncaster 6-monthly).

>  Cut the risk & cost of downtime with our service contract

When you entrust your air compressor servicing to one supplier across your business, you spend less time booking service calls, less time managing things like site clearance and passes, and there’s usually more opportunity to find economies of scale.

What’s more, by building up a relationship with just one engineering company you help the engineers understand your business more completely – and enable them to know your air compressors inside out. That can prove of real benefit, because the better the understanding the greater the chance we’ll be able to spot any problems immediately, and the easier we’ll find it to work with you to carry out servicing, maintenance and repairs in a way that keeps any downtime to a minimum.

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