My Air Compressor Pressure Is Low. What’s The Problem?

Your Nottingham air compressor seems to be working, but at the business end the pressure’s not what it usually is. Before you arrange a callout, make a few simple checks first.

Is the hose twisted?

Air compressor pressure gauges

Twisted, bent or trapped hoses are a common cause of low air pressure. In the past, we’ve been called out to what was, on the face of it, an air compressor repair at a Nottingham garage, only to find a car tyre was sitting on the hose. Check the entire length of the hose to ensure it’s free from kinks and knots.


Check for leaks

Whilst you’re checking for tangles and pinch points, look for leaks too. Use your hands to detect the breeze of any escaping air or listen for the tell-tall psssst of escaping air. In particular, check the joints and connections of the air compressor equipment in your Nottingham business, which can become loose over time.

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Check that new additions to your compressed air system aren’t the source of the problem

Making changes to your Nottingham compressed air equipment can cause problems in several ways:

1) Adding a new air tool with requirements that outstrip the capacity of your air compressor will result in low pressure. Always compare the cfm and psi of compressor and air tool before buying, to ensure your compressor will be up to the task – otherwise you’ll need to upgrade the compressor.

2) Adding an additional feed to the air compressor will reduce air pressure if it doesn’t have the capacity to supply multiple tools. Again, you may need an air compressor upgrade, so call us for advice.

3) Occasionally, we’ll talk to clients who have upgraded their air compressor and wonder why it isn’t delivering the improved air pressure they were expecting. Often, the answer lies in the fact that the air hoses don’t have the girth to enable the air to flow freely. If that’s the case, call us about upgrading the hoses of your Nottingham air compressor system.


Check your filters

Most industrial air compressors in Nottingham businesses will incorporate filters, driers and separators to remove oil, water and other contaminants from the system. If you can, check and clean filters to ensure air is able to flow freely through them.


Need help?

For more than 30 years, Algar Air has helped business in Nottingham repair air compressors and compressed air systems. We’d love to help you. Call us now on 0114 243 2347.

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