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Air compressor testing

1. Plug your compressor into the wall socket

Is your air compressor using a power brick or extension cable? Plug the compressor directly into the nearest wall socket to ensure it’s not the extension cable that’s at fault.


2. Check the on/off switch

Yes, we know it’s blatantly obvious but checking there’s power to the unit removes another potential source of the problem. It doesn’t however, guarantee that power is reaching the motor.


3. Check the pressure

Most air compressors have cut-in and cut-out points, that is, the pressure minima and maxima beyond which the compressor won’t work.

If the pressure in the tank is lower than the cut-in pressure it won’t start. Unplug the air compressor and try one or both of the following:

  • Lower the cut-in pressure to see if that sparks the compressor into life, or
  • Drain the tank and start afresh. To drain the air compressor, open the tank drain valve (which will also remove water), or pull the pressure relief valve ring. Draining the tank also removes trapped air (which could be another reason for your air compressor not starting).

If you’re not confident tackling the above steps, or if the above fail to resolve the issue, you’ll need support. For expert advice, and to arrange a repair, please call us on 0114 243 2347 or contact us.


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