Myth busting compressed air

When you’ve been involved with compressed air as long as we have, you can find yourself confronted by the same old urban myths and conventional ‘wisdom’. So here, in no particular order, are the 4 compressed air myths we seem to spend most time challenging:

Compressed air is an inefficient source of power

Actually, providing your compressed air system is an equal match for the job you’re asking of it, it’s one of the most efficient sources of power for any business. Typically, where businesses have experienced problems with low pressure or inconsistent power, it’s because their air compressor is being asked to do too much.

The solution is to ask a compressed air consultant to design a system that will deliver all you need of it, rather than gradually building an ad hoc system that eventually becomes overloaded.

Compressed air is expensive

Leave your car engine running or the heating on 24/7 and costs will mount up. It’s the same with compressed air. As with any energy source, there is a cost, but you can keep those costs down with a well designed and well maintained system. From addressing issues of geography (i.e. not having your air compressor a mile away from the tools it’s powering), to addressing leaks, your compressed air system can be made to be as cost efficient as any other form of energy.

Compressed air is dirty

Only in a poorly designed system. It’s true that moisture and oil vapour tend to be natural by-products of using compressed air, and left untreated that could have an impact on anything from food production to paint spraying.

But with the right filters and dryers in place, and with a regular regime of servicing and maintenance, compressed air could help give your products an exceptional finish, entirely free from contaminants.

Compressed air is complicated

It doesn’t have to be, especially when you have an expert team to help. So if talk of airflows, pressure and purity leave your head in a spin, ask us to design, supply and maintain a compliant compressed air system that does everything you need of it, simply.

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