New Mission Statement

Our mission statement was employee lead. After several strategy meeting where we focused on our goals, strengths, our vision we have finally put together our mission statement. The whole team had input and this is our final version; our mission!

β€œAt Algar Air our mission is to create a better/easier life for our customers in industry by providing reliable and affordable compressed air services and access to well designed compressed air equipment. We will do this by responding quickly to their problems if they arise; questioning assumptions and thinking deeply, the focus must be on the details while using the knowledge gained from our 30 years plus of working in this field.
We look to attract new customers and retain all our customers by working hard to achieve good relationships. Other factory maintenance is offered to our customers to encourage them to look upon us as a β€˜one-stop shop’.
We believe in taking our workforce along with us, including them in decision making and problem solving. Providing training on a continual basis and having regular meetings both about work and also socially.”