Choose air compliance testing in Nottingham that covers far more than compliance.

Compliance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 can help keep your people safe. It can ensure your business doesn’t fall foul of legislation. And at Algar Air, we believe compliance testing of your air compressor equipment in Nottingham can do even more.

That’s because air compressor compliance testing with Algar Air covers more than air compressors and covers more than mere compliance.

Ask us to visit your business and we’ll also test your:

  •  Air Receivers
  •  Air Tanks (not Diving Equipment)
  •  Air Vessels
  •  Safety Valves
  •  Pipework

We check more

  •  We’ll check for low pressure that can reduce production rates and damage product quality – especially with spray tools
  •  We’ll check for the high pressure that can be a signal of failing sensors (and pose a risk to you staff)
  •  And we’ll check pipework and connections to ensure air that should be feeding your production isn’t escaping the system

Any “competent person” can check for legal compliance of the compressed air system in your Nottingham business. But Algar Air can also check that your compressed air system is operating efficiently – so it costs you less to run, and costs less in repairs and downtime.

So for air compressor compliance testing in Nottingham that looks at far more than compliance, talk to Algar Air on 0114 243 2347 or use our contact form below for a quotation.

> You can find full details of the requirements here: Written Schemes of Examination *pdf

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