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New air compressors can do more than power your belts, gates and pistons. They can help make your pet food production processes safe, compliant and more efficient.

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The food you produce has to be safe. Using compressed air, whether directly as part of manufacture or indirectly as a part of the overall production process, brings with it the requirement to meet rigorous compliance standards. Algar Air’s experts can help remove the risk of particle, oil or water contamination from the production process.

We are the through-life compressed air engineers. We’re there at the outset, when you’re designing a new compressed air system to make your pet food production more efficient, or looking to buy new compressors, receivers, dryers and more. We’re there for expert installation of everything from pipework to electrical. And we’re there for ongoing testing, servicing and repair, ensuring your production processes stay contaminant free, and helping to reduce the risk of production downtime and product recalls.


When the quality of your pet food’s air supply is critical, talk to us.

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