From mixing to coating to bottling and packaging, we’ll help make every stage of production more efficient.

Add air power to your pharmaceutical processes and you do more than aid the cost effectiveness of production. Used as part of your fluid pumping systems, compressed air can make volatile environments safer. Compressed air curtains can create clean areas. And from product drying to bottle labelling, laborious or time consuming processes can be made swift and simple.

Talk to Algar Air’s engineers, and we’ll help your business make more effective use of compressed air, helping you reduce time, increase volume and/or protect quality.

We’ll also provide the expert advice and engineering know-how to keep your production environment clean and free from the oil vapour or moisture than can damage products. And we can help you design a complete compressed air system that gives you all the compressed air power you need, whenever you need it, no matter how many stations and tools require it.

Whatever your pharmaceutical operation, on whatever scale, we can help you do it more efficiently. Find out how.

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