Pipe & Ductwork Installation in Mansfield

Create a more efficient compressed air system. Ask Algar Air to design and install your pipe and ductwork.

Can I install my compressed air ducting myself?

We’ll create a ducting system that protects your compressor, production & the working environment

Yes, you can – and if the arrangement is a simple one (i.e. a short distance between compressor and a single tool with no awkward bends) there’s no reason why this can’t be successful.


Why would I need professional ductwork installation for my Mansfield compressed air system?

In larger installations, expert layout and installation of ducting is essential to the success of the system. Too close to the manufacturing floor and you may have noise issues. Too distant and you may suffer pressure or flow problems. Too many angles and you increase the risk of bottlenecks. Too many joints and you increase the risk of leaks. And then there’s the issue of ensuring each air tool has a trouble-free feed.

Get any element of the installation wrong and the impact could be felt at either end of the airlines, increasing the risk of wear and breakdown of the air compressor at one end, and disrupting the flow of air at the other. And in precision applications – for example CNC machines, paint spraying or pharmaceutical manufacture, a constant airflow is essential.

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Why does my air compressor need pipework?

Compressed air systems generate water, and safe discharge of that wastewater first requires the removal of oil and other contaminants, before being discharged to drains. We design and install pipework systems to ensure your Mansfield compressed air system is able to effectively discharge its wastewater in a safe, compliant way.


Ducting and pipework design and installation

Algar Air’s engineers have more than 35 years’ experience in designing compressed air systems in Mansfield, and that includes the pipes and ductwork. We do more to ensure your air compressor is able to deliver more of its power to the air tools, that less energy is wasted, and that all wastewater is safely and cleanly discharged.

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Do you extend existing compressed air ductwork?

Yes. Talk to us about maintenance, repair and extension of your existing piping and ductwork.


Certified engineers

All Algar Air engineers are CSCS certified and have operator certification for SL SPB platforms.

Compressed air pipework installations in Mansfield that help you work more efficiently? Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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Services we offer to help your business keep the compressed air flowing

Services We Offer

We’ll help your business keep the compressed air flowing.

Compressed air pipework installation

Pipework Installations

System design and installation to get the air power to where it’s needed.

Ducting to separate hot & cold air


Separating hot and cold air to ensure your compressor doesn’t overheat.

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