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Achieving a powerfully efficient compressed air system isn’t simply a matter of choosing the right air compressors, receivers and dryers. The pipework that links every part of your system is just as vital a component – and one that’s frequently overlooked.

Without a carefully designed pipework layout – and the right connecting pipes, joints and connectors – your Chesterfield compressed air system won’t be able to achieve its full potential. That’s because every angle in the system provides potential for reduced air flow. Every connector is a point at which pressure can be lost. And every pinch point can add to the moisture build up within the system.

The right pipework installation for your Chesterfield compressed air system can keep the air flowing freely, can reduce the wear on your air compressor, and can cut downtime and improve production performance.

Algar Air’s engineers are skilled pipe-fitters and experienced air compressor engineers. That means we consider your Chesterfield compressed air system and its pipework as one, so you get a system where every element works together.

For pipework extensions, repairs or full factory compressed air pipework installations in Chesterfield, talk to us.


All Algar Air engineers are CSCS certified and have operator certification for SL SPB platforms.

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