For a reliable and efficient compressed air system in Rotherham, you need more than a reliable, efficient air compressor.

Your air compressor’s job is to generate a consistent flow of air at the right pressure to power your various tools. Yet even the most efficient and powerful air compressor needs a little help.

Part of the equation in delivering efficient air power is your pipework. The right pipework installation ensures air can flow unhindered from compressor to air tool. The wrong pipework installation in Rotherham will see air flow and pressure lost – over distance, through tight bends and kinks, and through leaks.

Eradicating the pinch points

Ever wondered why, when your Rotherham air compressor appears to be generating the right pressure, the air tool feels a little underpowered? The answer could lie in your pipework. Joints and knuckles are prime areas for leaks, while pinch points can reduce the air flow to a trickle. As a test, place your hand against the tightest bends and kinks in your compressed air system pipework. If it’s warm, you’re creating friction and losing air power.

At Algar Air, we’ve got 30+ years’ experience in creating compressed air pipework installations that support rather than hinder the air compressor.

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The results mean:

     Less wear on the air compressor motor
     Greater efficiency and reduced running costs
     Reduced maintenance requirements
     Less risk of production downtime
     Better product quality from Rotherham air compressors that deliver more of the power they generate to the air tool

Certified engineers

All Algar Air engineers are CSCS certified and have operator certification for SL SPB platforms. Talk to us now about creating a compressed air pipework installation that actively supports your business.

Compressed air pipework installations in Rotherham that help you work more efficiently? Please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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