Air bearing and paper pressing. Printing and roller adjustment. Whatever the scale of your print operation, you’ll need a trusted source of air power.

At every stage of the printing process, we’re with you. Pre-press, when you’re prepping images or copying printing plates. During press, for sheet feeding and paper handling. And post-press, when you rely on compressed air for folding, cutting, binding and more.

With more than three decades of compressed air know-how behind us, we understand the printing process. So whether you’re looking for a single air table or folding machine, or are planning to upgrade/redesign your entire printing infrastructure, we can help.

And because every print run is so time sensitive, we’ll not only supply and install your compressed air equipment; we’ll maintain and service it too, ensuring that production keeps rolling, and that deadlines are met.

For expert advice, installation (including electrical and pipework) and servicing, talk to the compressed air engineering specialists.

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