Refrigerant / Desiccant Dryers in Rotherham

Make our refrigerant or desiccant dryers part of your compressed air system and you could lower operating costs and protect against breakdown.

Why does my compressed air equipment need a dryer?

Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter for compressed air

Water is the enemy of compressed air systems. The problem is that it’s also a natural by-product of compressing air too. Moisture in the system can force the motor to work harder or cause corrosion, increasing the risk of breakdown. It can reduce air flow and, depending on the end product you’re manufacturing, it can damage finishes and reduce product quality.

So the question is not ‘how do I stop the air compressor creating water’ (you can’t), but ‘how do I stop the water causing a problem?’ And that’s where dryers come in.


What is a refrigerant dryer?

Refrigerant dryers remove water from the system before it has a chance to damage products or equipment. Using a dryer can cut the risk of downtime, breakdowns and even the frequency of maintenance callouts.

There are two ways of removing water from your Rotherham compressed air system. Refrigerant dryers cool the air until it forms dew droplets which are then easily drained away in a controlled way.


What is a desiccant dryer?

A desiccant dryer uses ultra-absorbent materials to ‘mop up’ moisture within your Rotherham compressed air system.

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Which is the right dryer for me?

Both dryers can prove equally effective, but one may have specific advantages over the other depending on your application. To find out which would be best for your business, please get in touch.


To discuss refrigerant/desiccant dryers in Rotherham please call us on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter for compressed air

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