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How do you remove water from your compressed air system?

Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter for compressed air

As air molecules are compressed, friction creates heat. Then, as the heated air cools it condenses, leaving water droplets in the system. It’s the reason there’s a drain in your air receiver, which acts as a sort of sump for excess water. But not all air collects in the receiver, which leaves it free to cause problems elsewhere.

Moisture can cause rust, and constant heating and cooling can speed up that process. It can increase motor wear, forcing the compressor to work harder to generate pressure and airflow, and increasing the risk of breakdown as a result. And if the water reaches the end of the airlines, it can be spat out by the air tool – creating contamination problems if you’re using the compressor to manufacture food, pharmaceuticals or beverages, and finish problems if you’re using the compressor’s air tools for paint spraying or precision work.

That’s where our dryers come in. Dryers remove more of the moisture within your Mansfield compressed air system, protecting the end product and the compressor. But which dryer would best suit your air compressor?

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Do I need a refrigerant or desiccant dryer?

As the name suggests, refrigerant dryers remove moisture by cooling warm air within the compressor so that it condenses at the dryer – not elsewhere in the system. The dew droplets then simply drain away.

Desiccant dryers effectively ‘scrub’ the moisture from the air to -70°C dewpoint using absorbent materials.

In many applications, either dryer can be effective, but a refrigerant dryer may not be appropriate in applications which are water sensitive (because some minimal water vapour will remain). Desiccant dryers, on the other hand, are ideal for applications subject to freezing conditions and where vapour-free air quality is critical.

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Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter for compressed air

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