Reliability and durability for your Nottingham air compressor. Lower operating costs for you.

Compressed air equipment creates moisture as a by-product. That’s a problem, potentially damaging sprayed finishes, contaminating food products, and causing additional wear to your air compressor.

But add refrigerant or desiccant dryers to your compressed air equipment in Nottingham, and you reduce the damage from moisture by removing it from the system. And from reduced rework to reduced compressor wear, that can help lower your operating costs.

The two types of dryers work on different principles to achieve the same results:

     Refrigerant dryers remove moisture by cooling the air until it forms dew droplets that drain away
     Desiccant dryers remove moisture to -70°C dewpoint by using ultra-absorbent materials

To determine which dryer is right for the compressed air system in your Nottingham business, and to ensure it has the capacity your production demands, talk to Algar Air’s engineers.

To discuss refrigerant / desiccant dryers in Nottingham please call us on 0114 243 2347 or contact us.

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