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If you’ve ever called out someone about a repair to your car, washing machine or computer, you’ll know there’s a kind of common language of repairs. There’s the rubbing the chin and wincing while the engineer says “It’ll cost you.” There’s the “we can’t be with you until sometime next year” issue, and there’s the perennial favourite: “you can’t get the parts.”

Whichever you get, it can leave you pulling your hair out and questioning your faith in whoever it is you’ve called.

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So here’s an example of an approach we took with a customer recently that illustrates just how hard we work to create a different perception.

We were called by a tool manufacturing company. The client was having problems with a Hydrovane HV15 air compressor, which had broken down and had put a halt to production. Our engineers attended quickly and discovered a broken spider coupling and a separator that was passing oil.

This really was one of those occasions where we needed to order new parts to complete the repair and, as you might expect, no air compressor repair company can carry every part for every air compressor.

But there was something we could do.

We carried out a quick, temporary repair. It wouldn’t last forever, but it did at least enable production to continue safely until we could return with the right parts.

And that’s the difference between our approach to compressed air system repairs and others you may have come across. Instead of throwing up our hands and saying there’s nothing to be done until the right part arrives, we explore what can be done.

And if that sounds like your sort of compressed air engineers, give us a call on 0114 243 2347.


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