We tend to find that the air compressor is the most neglected piece of equipment in any business. They are ignored and unloved by most but consider the crisis that ensues when the trusty air compressor does breakdown.

Algar Air services - making your pressure our priority

Servicing your compressed air equipment regularly significantly decreases the likelihood of breakdowns.

Just like with a car if you have it regularly maintained then any faults that occur can be prevented from becoming terminal.

For example; our engineer picks up that the Motor on an 11kw air compressor is starting to sound noisy. We change the bearings £350 (Parts & Labour) instead of the motor running until it seizes which would result in a new motor £695 (motor only) the saving is plain to see.

We are pleased to are offer servicing on all types of air compressors from small Piston Industrial air compressors 1.5kw upto 7.5kw on manufacturers like ABAC, Clarkair, Fiac, Fini, Nuair, SIP Industrial, for example.

For the larger crew industrial air compressors from 4kw to 160kw on manufacturers like Atlas Copco, Avelair, Broomwade, BOGE, Compair, Demag, Fini, Fluidair International, Grassair, Hertz Kompressoren, HPC, Hydrovane, Ingersoll Rand, Smart, we can develop a servicing schedule to suit your working environment and the manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedule.