Remember, not all air tools will work with every air compressor…

Airbrushing air compressor

We had a call from someone recently who used an air compressor for airbrushing. Could they, they asked, use their existing compressor for other tools?

Our answer was that it depends. If they were using a standard air compressor then yes, providing the air pressure and air consumption of the tool they were going to buy was within the delivery capabilities of the compressor, they would be able to use any tool.

The problem, however, was they were actually using a small air compressor specifically designed for airbrushing. Whilst that might be fine for additional low key activities like inflating a bike tyre or paddling pool, it simply wouldn’t generate the pressure and airflow necessary to power larger tools.

So now, they keep the airbrushing compressor for airbrushing alone, and they’ve got a new, 24l, 9.6CFM air compressor to handle their workshop tools.

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