With low compressed air outlet temperature driven by an efficient aftercooler, the compressor reduces the air moisture level, protecting downstream air tools from the damaging effects of heat and moisture.

SOLIDscrew Air Receiver Mounted Compressor with Dryer

The compressor sits beneath the air receiver, creating a compact footprint that delivers minimal pressure loss and saves extra pipework. Pre-separation in the air oil combi receiver results in low oil carryover in all operating phases – so less oil makes it past the separator into discharge pipes. The integrated dryer cools warm air to dewpoint, making it easy to remove from your compressed air system. Also includes aftercooler and electronic control as standard.

BOGE air end, belt driven with SOLIDcontrol microprocessor. Powder coated in green.

Available with 250 and 500 litre capacity. Compliant with directive 2014/29/EU and holds a CE-symbol. Sand blasted and painted in basalt grey RAL 7012, with drain valve.

Automatic refrigerant air dryer with pre- and after-filters installed after the air receiver vessel.

SOLIDscrew Air Receiver Compressor with Dryer Data SheetOperating / mains voltage compressor 400v / 50Hz

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