We’ve all had that nightmare moment when you’re desperate to complete a job and something fails on you. In this case, a new customer made contact when their air compressor had stopped working.

Discuss servicing options & plans with our team

As a Garage, they needed to use their pneumatic tools and blow up tyres everyday so we soon arrived on site with our hire compressor to get them back up and running.

This gave us time to weigh up the option for replacement, taking into consideration the location of the compressor (environmental conditions & proximity to staff) and application. We provided them with three options.

We soon had an order and a 4kw Air Compressor was supplied and installed within a few days.

We’ve now added this customer to our servicing schedule and will be back in touch with them in due course.

This is part of our commitment to our customers to be your memory! You never need to remember when your compressor is due for servicing – we’ll do that for you.