There’s an ingredient you may not expect that’s partially responsible for the recent surge in breweries.

Pint of Real Kentish Ale

*Photo courtesy of Flickr

At the last count, the number of breweries in the UK stood at over 1,700, around 1,500 of which were micro-breweries. There are over 80 in London alone, and the total number hasn’t been this high since the 1930s.

What’s driving the surge, up 8% in the past year alone? Partly it’s our love of a traditional pint. Partly it’s the novelty that many micro-breweries can add to their artisan ales. And partly it’s because the process of setting up your own brewery has never been easier.

Key to that simplicity is compressed air. You’ll find compressed air equipment hard at work in breweries across the UK, performing tasks that range from powering conveyors to bottling and labelling; cleaning pipes to aerating yeast.

If you’re planning of launching a micro (or massive) brewery, or if you’re looking to find new ways to improve production in your existing facility, talk to us on 0114 243 2347.

You can find out more about our compressed air equipment for breweries here.


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