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Air compressor removal, transportation & reinstallation service

Moving business premises is never a simple matter. It’s even tougher when you’re contracted to meet certain deadlines. Because if anything about the move doesn’t run smoothly, then you’ll miss your deadlines, which means the client will miss their deadlines, and you’ll be left a) playing catch up and b) paying the penalties and fines for failing to meet your end of the contract.

Any move that involves a compressed air system immediately adds an extra level of complexity – but at least that was something we could help with.

Our client supplies cut, speciality metals to the aerospace industry. The process involves a range of air-powered tools, including Cutmasters, hand grinders and horizontal grinders, all of which needed removing and reinstalling at the clients’ new premises

Time was incredibly tight. We needed to remove the client’s existing air compressor equipment, decommission an air compressor that was being retired, then transport the rest to the new site.

Once there, we supplied, installed and commissioned a new air compressor together with the rest of the equipment we’d brought from the old site. Because one factory is never like another, we needed to design and install a new pipework installation that would supply a constant flow of air throughout the factory. Finally, we installed and levelled the tools and equipment at the end of the compressed air lines, ensuring the cutters and grinders were fully operational.

Meeting our deadline meant starting early and working late, but because we delivered, our client was able to deliver to their client too – something they were delighted about.

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Removal, transportation & reinstallation of compressed air equipment

Removal, transportation & reinstallation of compressed air equipment



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Removal, Transportation & Reinstallation

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