Why delaying maintenance can backfire.

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“I’ll give it another year.” How often do you say that when considering maintenance work? Perhaps it’s a result of feeling ‘sold to’ when you go and get your puncture repaired at certain fast fix car garages. You know the sort of thing – you go in for a puncture patch up and come out having been told you need a full set of shocks and brakes.

The upshot is that when you’re told similar things in other scenarios, you react the same way. Just over a year ago, we were asked to give a quote to repair an air compressor for a client who manufactures tools.

We explained that the motor needed rebearing – a job that, parts and labour together, would cost £560. Now, no business wants to carry out maintenance work needlessly so, perhaps burnt by previous experiences elsewhere, the client asked if it was an urgent job.

This is always a bit of a tricky one – you can’t see into the future – but we explained that the bearings were starting to fail, that they wouldn’t fail tomorrow, but that they needed fixing soon.

Actually, the bearings lasted a little longer than we might have expected – they limped on for another year. But by the time they failed for good they had also damaged the motor overload/breaker. With the additional parts, labour and the cost of hiring a replacement compressor to cover the downtime of their own equipment, costs trebled to £1,677.

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The moral of the story? Repairing your air compressor sooner rather than later is almost always cheaper, almost always simpler, and almost inevitably involves less hassle.

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