This month we have carried out an 8000 hour service and the following overhaul work to a 90kw Air Compressor at a Papermill.
Used screw air compressor ready for a service

Here’s what’s involved!

To remove Cabinet, strip and remove air-end and gear-box from the compressor, to transport away for the following work to be carried out:

  • To steam clean unit.
  • To dismantle and clean (using ultrasonic or solvent).
  • To crack detect & lap/grind bearing faces as required.
  • To clean/polish rotors & check dimensions as required.
  • To rebuild in clean area using all new SKF/FAG/RHP Bearings, Seals, Joints.
  • Steel/brass cages used wherever possible.

To return unit to site, reassemble compressor, with associated gaskets & seals, carry out servicing of the compressor, changing oil etc., cleaning down and inspecting machine, running-up and testing.