Dryer reached the end of its working life? Here’s why you really need to replace.

Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter for compressed air

It’s funny how jobs seem to run in cycles isn’t it? Recently, for example, we seem to have had a run on replacement refrigeration dryers, supplying three new ones (110cfm, 159cfm and 210cfm units, if you’re counting) in the last month alone.

Like any piece of equipment, dryers have a finite lifespan. Regular servicing and maintenance will extend that life, but eventually it will be time to replace – and it’s vital that replacement happens fast.

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That’s because, for many industries, a constant, regular supply of compressed air isn’t enough. From food to pharmaceuticals to paint spraying and precision air tools, the quality of the air matters every bit as much as pressure and flow.

In compressed air systems, ensuring quality effectively comes down to removing contaminants (usually oil and water) and that’s where your filters, separators and dryers play their part.

Refrigeration dryers work by cooling the warm air generated by compression until it condenses, where the moisture can then be trapped and removed. Without drying (and filtration and separation) the moisture remains in the system until it is spat out at the business end of the system by your air compressor tools, where it can damage paint finishes or contaminate food.

Even if your compressed air system uses dryers that have years of life left in them, it’s important to ensure they’re working properly. So for servicing or replacement refrigeration dryers, talk to us now on 0114 243 2347.


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Refrigerated air dryer ultrafilter for compressed air

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