Used Air Compressor Equipment in Doncaster

Air power and reliability, for less. Discover how much you could save by choosing used air compressors in Doncaster.

Used air compressor equipment

Buying anything second hand always feels like a risk. That’s especially the case with something like air compressors or air treatment equipment. Without expert advice and maintenance, how do you know that the compressor is worth the money, that it will do its job safely – and that it will keep performing?

And yet, when you buy the right piece of second hand compressed air equipment, you could save your business a small fortune, and keep more of your working capital for other purposes.

That’s why buying used compressed air equipment from Algar Air makes sense.


Doncaster’s air compressor engineers

We’ve been supplying new and used air compressors across South Yorkshire (and beyond) since 1984. And because we also install, service and maintain air compressors, we remove the risk from buying used equipment.

Whatever you choose, from the compressor itself to receivers, dryers or separators, we’ll ensure it’s ready to give you years of faithful service. And if we have any doubt about a compressor’s lifespan, we won’t but it back in the first place.


Air compressor servicing and maintenance in Doncaster

With expert maintenance, there’s no reason your used air compressor shouldn’t keep performing for years. With a service contract, we’ll tailor a package to the likely wear and tear of your compressor, so that you keep the equipment in prime condition and minimise risks of downtime.


Our range of used air compressor equipment is changing constantly. To find out what’s in stock today, or to discuss your requirements, please call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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Used air compressor equipment

Used Air Compressor Equipment

Buying a used air compressor from Algar Air ensures you get a compressor you can trust, for less. Find out more.

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