Guide to used air compressor equipment in South Yorkshire

How much does a used air compressor cost? And is it worth the risk? Here’s a quick guide.

Why buy a used air compressor in South Yorkshire?

Used air compressor equipment

There’s one simple reason to choose a used compressor over a new model: cost. As you might expect, second hand compressors cost less than their brand new counterparts. But is the saving worth it?


Should I buy a used air compressor?

As with any used product, there’s often risk involved in choosing a second hand air compressor. Like a car, compressors need regular servicing to ensure they can continue to deliver trouble-free operation. Without servicing motors can wear, metalwork can corrode and the ability of the compressor to generate pressure and airflow can be severely compromised.

Also like a used car, compressors can be mistreated. You wouldn’t want to buy a car that’s been thrashed at high speed for long periods of time. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to buy a compressor that’s been forced to operate at maximum output for long periods because there’ll be an increased risk of motor wear, corrosion and failure.

The challenge in buying second hand is being able to spot the well maintained and well-treated from the badly neglected or misused, and often it’s not easy to tell one from the other based on initial appearance alone.

Buying from a reputable dealer is usually a safer option than buying privately. Buying from an air compressor engineer like Algar Air is the safest option of all.

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Why buy used air compressors from an engineer?

As compressed air engineers, we know what to look for in a second hand air compressor. We know what ‘good’ looks like. We know what to avoid. And we’re capable of giving a used compressor the service care it needs to give years of reliable service.

Buy from us and you take much of the risk and guesswork out of buying a compressor that will a) be fit for purpose and b) will last the distance.


How much do used air compressors cost?

Savings can be significant compared with buying a new model. Costs vary from model to model and based on condition. The used compressors we have for sale change regularly, so get in touch to find the latest models and prices.


How much do used air compressors cost?

Algar Air has been supplying used air compressors to South Yorkshire businesses for decades. For advice in choosing the right equipment, through to installation, maintenance and repair, we’ll be there throughout your compressor’s working life.


For the latest units we have in stock and prices, call 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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Used air compressor equipment

Used Air Compressor Equipment

Buying a used air compressor from Algar Air ensures you get a compressor you can trust, for less. Find out more.

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