Waste Recycling & Disposal

From powering conveyors to the air knives that separate paper, we’ll help keep you sifting, sorting and recycling.

For any waste business, being able to efficiently separate the different elements found in waste streams is essential to recovering useful materials that can be resold, minimising landfill, and meeting legislative standards.

Compressed air technology is involved throughout the process, from the induction sorters that use jets of compressed air to identify and sort materials, to the air blades that separate sheets of waste paper. It may be only one part of your sifting, sorting and recovery operation, but lose your compressed air power and you lose a significant proportion of your recycling and disposal ‘toolbox’.

That’s why Algar Air’s engineers not only help you design more efficient compressed air systems – and supply and install the equipment for it. They also maintain and repair air compressors, receivers and dryers. So when you need to keep the conveyors conveying and the sorters sorting, talk to us.

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