We’re trialling a new way of recycling oil that cuts waste and increases space.

Recycling oil & protecting the environment

Work in the compressed air industry and you’ll find oil is a double-edged sword. We need it to lubricate machinery. But at the same time, oil in the pipes of your compressed air system can compromise performance and damage your finished products. It’s fair to say that much of our time is spent eradicating oil from compressed air systems.

If you’ve ever had problems with your compressed air installation, you may know all about the disruptive power of oil. But once it has been removed from the system and you’re back up and running, you probably don’t consider what happens to the oil we remove.

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What happens is this: we have to store it, and then dispose of it. Traditionally, we store oil in 20 litre cans, which take up a lot of floorspace. Some are full and awaiting collection, but they’re heavy to transport, costly to dispose of and complicated to recycle. Others are empty and waiting to be filled. In either case they’re still gobbling up valuable room that could be used for something better.

So we were delighted when one of our suppliers came up with a way of replacing the can. Right now, we’re trialling a new ‘wine box’ for our waste oil. Like a wine box, it’s a simple cardboard container that houses a liner into which the oil is poured. In the workshop, empty boxes weigh practically nothing and take up far less space than empty cans.

Once full, they’re lighter and easier to transport, and simpler (and cheaper) to dispose of.
It’s a switch that makes it easier for us to meet our environmental obligations, and one that helps us keep costs down for our clients.

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