We’re always championing the benefits of regular servicing for your air compressor. But what happens if you don’t do that?
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Regular servicing keeps your air compressor ticking along nicely, but while every single air compressor manufacturer (and engineer) will recommend regular servicing every 2,000 -3,000hrs or so, it’s not as if that’s the law. Lots of companies don’t service their air compressors that often. Perhaps yours is one of them. Typically, this only ends in one of two ways.

Breakdown: We’re not pretending that a well-serviced air compressor can never develop a fault, but regular servicing does stack the deck in your favour in terms of the likelihood of a breakdown. Put simply, a well serviced compressor will break down considerably less often than a neglected one.

Of course, a breakdown doesn’t just involve repair costs. There’s downtime, when the jobs that should be getting done aren’t. There’s the frustration of having to reschedule jobs. Perhaps there’s overtime to pay in getting things back on track once the compressor is fixed. And there’s the reputational risk from missing deadlines.

Yet your compressor doesn’t have to break down to be costing you far more than it should – and that brings us to perhaps the commonest consequence of infrequent servicing…

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Inefficiency: Recently, we were called out to a Fini Quadro compressor which hadn’t been serviced for years. It was still limping on, but our engineers found cracked drive belts that could have snapped at any moment, and leaking hoses that were wasting air, forcing the client to crank up the power in an effort to get more pressure to the tools.

That was placing extra strain on the compressor motor and, at a time when everyone’s looking to reduce energy costs, it was costing the company a small fortune.

This is the real cost of failing to regularly service your compressor. The longer it runs between servicing, the less efficient it gets. The less efficient it gets, the more it costs you in energy consumption. The less effective it is at doing the jobs you rely on it to do. The greater the likelihood the compressor will keep shutting down because of leaks or clogged filters. The greater the risk of breakdown.

Air Compressor Having A Service


We’ve written before about how UK industry wastes almost a third of the electricity it uses. It’s why we joined the British Compressed Air Society’s (BCAS’s) 10% Taskforce, to help save every business money.

A really simple way to start is with regular servicing.

Happily for our client, a thorough cleanout and overhaul has meant that their compressor now has brand new belts, new oil, new filters and no more leaks.

If it’s a while since your air compressor had a service, it’s time to put that right. Contact us or call 0114 243 2347.

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