What secrets is your air compressor hiding?

Is the air compressor that’s essential to your Lincoln business telling you it needs a service?

Servicing & repair of a BOGE Air Compressor

Sometimes you can tell the air compressor in your Lincoln business is in need of a bit of TLC. Perhaps the pressure has dropped. Maybe the noise has increased. Perhaps you’re noticing more oil or water than usual.

It’s rare that Lincoln air compressors give no advance warnings of trouble – the challenge is spotting them. Unless you’ve an expert eye within your business, chances are that tell-tale signs can be missed or ignored.

But when your compressed air equipment enjoys a regular servicing inspection, there’s far greater likelihood that issues can be spotted early before they become problems.

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That was the case recently when we carried out routine air compressor servicing for a client. The oil leak wasn’t difficult to spot or fix, but as it was hidden beneath the air compressor’s casing it would never have been noticed without someone actively giving the compressor equipment a thorough check.


Risks of an oil leak

An oil leak in your Lincoln air compressor could cause trouble in a range of ways:

  •  It can cause a breakdown which leads to lost production time
  •  It can cause parts to wear out faster, increasing the frequency and cost of repairs
  •  It can damage the finish of products
  •  It can contaminate the air around your Lincoln air compressor, increasing the risk to workers
  •  It can increase the likelihood of oil escaping your standard trapping and waste disposal methods, risking your environmental compliance efforts and your business’ reputation


Regular compressed air system servicing in Lincoln with Algar Air

Agree a servicing contract with Algar Air and our engineers will ensure all your compressed air equipment stays in good working order, protecting production, your people and your reputation.

You choose the frequency of the maintenance, and we’re happy to tailor each service package to the way you work, your budget and to the volume of compressed air equipment that needs servicing.

Talk to us about arranging your compressed air servicing contract in Lincoln. Call Algar Air now on 0114 243 2347, or contact us.

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> Find out more about air compressor installation and servicing


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