Often, what starts with compressed air turns into projects that are far more varied.

Ramp for wheelchair & walking access

Every now and again you find yourself being challenged to tackle projects that don’t quite fit the compressed air mould. Often, we find that’s because our clients trust us to tackle all sorts of projects. So what begins as a relationship all about compressed air, gradually becomes something broader.

Take Clara’s box. We had a call from a client who manufactures orthotics and prosthetics. They’d just taken delivery of a crate and were eager to open it and get the contents installed. But whilst they were keen for us to get the contents of “Clara’s box” (as it quickly became known – Clara was the Orthotic Clinician) up and running fast, we remained a little unclear as to what we’d find when we got there.

Undeterred, our engineers prioritised the job and swiftly headed off to the client. When they arrived, they found the box contained pieces of a ramp. It may not have had the remotest connection to compressed air, but it was needed urgently, because the client wanted to use it to test its prosthetic legs and feet.

As we were told, it’s one thing for a disabled person to test drive their artificial legs/feet on the flat; it’s quite another to be able to navigate hills. The ramp would enable them to do that, and there was a fitting due imminently.

So our engineers unloaded the ramp and installed it ready for its first use.

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